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Funnel Builder

Company: Funnel LLC
Location: Henderson
Posted on: January 16, 2022

Job Description:

Job Description PSSST We're looking for TWO (2) funnel builders. If you know anyone, send them this way/share this post with them Are you--- techie? fun? a great Funnel Builder? Know Javascript & CSS? A Gamer? Interesting? Unique? Intelligent? Driven? Motivated To Create Lasting Change in the World? Hi Thanks for checking out our newest role at Funnel LLC To start, I want you to know that this position description will take you 20 minutes to read, and then 2 hours to apply, and 10 hours during the interview process. We also have multiple automatic disqualification points in the hiring process Why? Because if you're going to work with us, I want this to be a fruitful collaboration, where everyone wins. If we just used the "traditional" hiring methods. You wouldn't know if you liked working here, until it was too late That said, We're NOT looking for worker bees or clock-in-clock-out employees who are just working for a paycheck In other words, if you would work for a company you hate just to collect a wage, keep looking - you'll never fit in here. We ARE looking for something very particular And we'd rather you only apply if you fit the bill, so keep reading and if you're interested at the end - pay close attention to the directions and apply The first automatic disqualification is in the application - more on why later in this "why should I work at Funnel" sales letter. One more thing Everyone starts at a base wage, and as you level up (explained later) and get promoted you can earn up to 10x of your base wage commission/bonuses we profit share 10% of each quarters profits with all qualified team members. I don't care where you are in the world, we pay everyone a "breadwinners base living wage" - that means you'll earn a base wage based on cost of a 2 bedroom apartment w/utilities & internet, fresh groceries for 2 adults and 2 children, and an extra 20% for entertainment and essentials. I believe that one person in a family should be able to focus on income and the other can focus on taking care of the family (if they want). Obviously not a requirement for only one person in the family to work, but you should have the choice. Let's go into a tad bit about who you'll primarily report to I'm The Funnel Genius, Hawk Mikado - I'm the co-founder of multiple 6 & 7 Figure companies including this one, Funnel LLC (aka Funnel Magazine). In my former agency, we helped 12 Companies create 7 Figure Funnels, and taught 11,973 how to Add 6 Figures to their business using funnels I'm going to let you in on a bit of a secret, most applicants never look at the actual job posting - SO before we get started I want to lay out a few ground rules to actually get you in the door 1 - Read the entire listing, it will save you a lot of time & headache from the "Hunger Games" you'll be going through (I don't know if I got that reference right, but F-it) 2 - I Cuss If you've got a problem with that Keep looking, this company will fully repel you (or at least I will) 3 - Somewhere in here is a secret code word that you'll need to include in your application You'll put that into the 3rd question "other info you want us to know" - you can also add anything else in there, but it must start with the codeword BONUS TIP 1 - I love to have fun and work with people who are fun BONUS TIP 2 - As a member of any company your "job" is not whatever you got hired for it's to make the company a profit that means you make the company more money than they spend for all expenses related to your role E.g. You must make us a 3x Profit within your first 90 days, and a 10x profit within 12 months to continue to have a position with us "but some of the stuff I do doesn't make money?" - that may be true but you can save us money - e.g. If someone in the company who makes more than you needs something done - and you can ultimately do it for less than they can that increases profits for our company. BONUS TIP 3 - I'm a marketer, so basically everything comes in 3 parts & the rest of are bonuses and damn it if I don't create the best possible offer stack imaginable LOL Okay Since you're still here that means you might just be as crazy as me, so go over to our main careers site. If you feel confident you can still get the role with us--- Let get into our company & culture: Funnel LLC has been called to serve 100,000 Entrepreneurs, business owners, and company leaders so they can create a scalable business and add $100,000 in annual profit through a variety of our Funnel Frameworks to 'Make Their Market---' and become a FunnelGamer--- Our Company Tenets "Partnership to Profit" Every partnership should at it's core be designed to profit, as long as it aligns with our mission and values. "Simple is Sustainable" A stoned teenager should be able to follow our systems. "We Go First" Our Goal is to make you more money by the end of our first interaction than you could ever pay us, so you'll have no choice but to keep coming back. "Always Ask" If you don't ask we'll never receive, so just ask. We'll always ask for the sale, for the strategy, for the next steps, for "Find the Fun" If it's not fun it's not worth doing, and you can find someone else to do it. "Content is a Commodity" Our Knowledge is (mostly) free, our helping you understand and implement that knowledge is not. If you ask for our help we'll give you the content you need to do what you want, but if you want our time and our support you'll need to pay us for it. "Compound Time" Think of ways that you can get more done without doing more. "Mediocrity is Murder" If we wanted mediocracy we would look for something mediocre, but we're working with you because you're a Funnel Gamer---. Our Company Values Be Consistent in everything you do by following the SOPs. Checking your work along the way, Create/Update SOPs as systems evolve. Over Communicate and ask to have anything clarified when you need. Ask for step-by-step instructions or examples so that you're always clear on what needs to be done. Simplify everything by eliminating the unnecessary and focusing on what matters most. Start by Adding Value in every interaction, share a resource, strategy or framework that could help before making a formal offer. We can scale with Systems so always look for ways to create structure around the systems we have and build systems when we need them. We can only grow as much as our Partners do, so in order to grow together we must focus on true collaboration. When we do anything we make sure it's Profitable for us and for our partners, and the consumer. Validate ideas and projects by making sure they're Scalable. Adapt to the changing market by Innovating on existing ideas instead of trying to create something new. Always Test everything, just because something worked before doesn't mean it will work now. Try new things and even old things to see if there's a way to increase conversions or get a better response. Mastery is a journey of growing and focusing on replicating what we already know works, stay in your lane and focus on your genius so that this partnership can grow as a whole. Life is a Game, let's be serious about having fun in our meetings, in our projects, in our partnership, in our lives. If it's not fun it's not worth focusing time and attention towards. You might be wondering "What is a Funnel Gamer---?" The best way to explain that is the Funnel Gamer--- Manifesto A Funnel Gamer Is A Driven, Motivated And Innovative Entrepreneur Always Looking To Create Positive Lasting Change On The World. A Funnel Gamer Believes Their Mission Is Their Calling They Make Simple Sustainable Systems, Control Their Market, Disrupt The Status Quo And Kill Mediocrity. A Funnel Gamer Sees Content As A Commodity, Giving Their Knowledge Freely And Publicly In An Effort To Always Go First. And Yet A Funnel Gamer Always Asks--- --- For The Sale, For The Strategy, For The Next Steps, For--- They Know That Every Relationship Is A Partnership Meant To Make An Impact While Making A Profit. FunnelGamer Define Their Future, Create Scalable - Profitable Businesses, And Innovate Consistently. A Funnel Gamer Has Fun Every Day As The Guiding Light In The Market, Shaping The Future. I Influence My Market. I Make An Impact On The World. I Innovate To Profit. I Am A Funnel Gamer. "We Put the Fun in Funnels, so Your Can Make Your Market--- Now a bit more about me (Then we'll get into the "role, responsibilities, results, and requirements" portion) I LOVE games board games, MMOs, just about anything to have fun when we're not working - and if possible games at work too. Something that sets our company apart is we've gamified working You'll earn XP and level up to get bonuses, raises, time on a passion project, and a way to get me to buy you Apple Products or even a vacation for you and your family I'm looking for people who love a challenge and are willing to go above and beyond in their work. I work on an accelerated schedule and I expect things done right in sometime unimaginable short periods of time But don't worry, it's not like the world will come to an end if you're 7 seconds late 10s maybe JK So I'm looking for people who can handle a fast-paced, high-pressure, startup-style, entrepreneurial company that will require you to bring your A-game. You should be somewhat of an intrepreneur type (entrepreneurial spirit without the desire to be the boss) who will do the work w/o being asked. IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT ME: HIGH D in the DISC (My wife says the D Stands for Dck - High Cs tend to not like working with me, unless of course they do and then we're golden) Quickstart in Kolbe (This means that you'll probably get far less info than you think you need - so ask clarifying questions, LOTS OF THEM) Creator in Wealth Dynamics (I need a Nurture Type & an Accumulator) ENTP-A in 16 Personalities (Basically I'm an introverted extrovert - I'm quiet until I'm not then it's game on) Generator in Human Design (I can go and go and go and go and go and you get the point) I Love Acts of Service (Take Sht off my plate, don't add to it) There's a lot more but this is a good place to start. I hope this letter has either got you so excited you can't help but jump out of your seat wanting to know more about the actual role at our company (scroll down just a tad) or in the odd case that you kept reading because you were curious but have no intention of actually applying that it entertained you among the horridly boring job postings you've been (possibly mindlessly) culling through, then I wish you the best Stay Blessed & Game on Hawk Mikado The Funnel Gamer--- (AKA The Funnel Genius---) at Funnel Magazine P.S. The Keyword (well its a phrase) for Question 3 you need to even get considered and the 4Rs you see in every posting are in this Evernote document https://www.evernote.com/shard/s304/sh/c5d5dafb-8792-cdcd-a946-09bd2d769c5c/1605695d30ac6d2a4a5c88d104d0bbca

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